IBDP 2020 Board Examination results

It give us great pleasure to share the details of the IBDP 2020 Board Examination results, another stellar year for NPSI students!


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NPS International School is a value-driven school with a strong focus on holistic development. Our carefully curated environment allows for students to blossom into active learners, compassionate citizens, and critical thinkers.

Our international educational programme has been meticulously developed by lifelong educators and caters to the all-round growth of our students. We are known to foster academic excellence and an overall sense of wellbeing.

NPS International School is a part of the international NPS Group of Schools, with an established reputation in upholding the highest quality standards in education.

May/June 2020 IB and IGCSE examinations have been announced as cancelled by the respective boards. Parents are advised to read and follow the communications sent out by the school and to refer to the portal for clarifications.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all school events have been suspended till further notice.